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Winners Announced

Hugh Dennis, Host 2016


Please see below our 2018 short list and winners. Should you have any questions please email Laura Dugdale:



TV News Story of the Year

2018 Short listed


Clive Myrie, Darren Conway

Mexico’s Drug Wars

BBC News


WINNER: Quentin Sommerville

Raqqa IS Escape

BBC News


Charles Stratford, Sulayman Hossain, Anuaral Islam

Rohingya Women and Children Trafficking

Al Jazeera English

Documentary of the Year

Radio/Podcast of the Year

2018 Short listed


Lali Houghton, Nayrobis Rodriguez, Luis Del Valle, Poh Si Teng, Fiona Lawson-Baker, Gino Moreno

Witness: Surviving Venezuela: Smuggling Dreams,

Al Jazeera English


Fatma Naib, Petra Graf, Lynn Ferguson, Farid Barsoum

Correspondent: The Cut: Exploring FGM

Al Jazeera English


WINNER: Evan Williams, Eve Lucas, Patrick Wells, Dan Edge

Myanmar’s Killing Fields

Channel 4 Dispatches and PBS Frontline



Print/Web Story of the Year

2018 Short listed


WINNER: Owen Bennett-Jones, Neal Razzell, Emma Rippon

The Assassination

BBC World Service


Tim Whewell, Nick Sturdee, Penny Murphy

Assignment: Russia Jihadi Brides

BBC World Service & BBC Radio Current Affairs


Sahar Zand

Assignment: Madness of War






2018 Short listed


Sophie Elmhirst

From Game of Thrones to The Crown: the woman who turns actors into stars

The Guardian Long Read


WINNER: Suhaib Gasmelbari, Katharina von Schroeder, Aloke Devichand, Fiona Lawson-Baker

Sudan’s Forgotten Films

Al Jazeera English


Moni Mohsin











2018 Short listed


WINNER: Seyi Rhodes, Nick Sturdee, Jamie Welham, Monica Garnsey

Unreported World: Africa’s Perfect Storm

Quicksilver Media for Channel 4


Tom Whipple

How to edit a human



David Shukman, Kate Stephens, Robert Magee, Dessi Ariyanti

Living in plastic

BBC World











2018 Short listed


WINNER: Gohar Abbas

Heaven and Hell: ancient Silk Road barter trade continues



Fuchsia Dunlop

Eating in North Korea

FT Weekend Magazine


Nicola Smith

Danger in Paradise

The Daily Telegraph












2018 Short listed


Hannah Rae Armstrong

The brutal world of sheep fighting

The Guardian Long Read


WINNER: David Goldblatt, Daniel Nolan

Viktor Orban’s reckless football obsession

The Guardian Long Read


Christina Macfarlane, Jon Jensen, Andy Waller, Dan Campisi

World Rugby: Fiji



James Montague

Inside the secret world of football in North Korea

Bleacher Report


Financial/Economic Story of the Year

Arts & Culture Story of the Year

Environment & Science Story of the  year

Travel & Tourism Story of the Year

Sports Story of the Year

FPA Member: TV/Radio Story of the Year

2018 Short listed


Stephen Bleach

The monks who stole my childhood

The Sunday Times


WINNER: Carole Cadwalladr

Christopher Wylie - The data war whistleblower

The Observer New Review


Amelia Gentleman

Londoner denied cancer care: It’s like I’m being left to die.

The Guardian







2018 Short listed


Barney Jopson

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Financial Times


WINNER: Ashitha Nagesh

How debt kills

BBC Three


Cam Simpson, Gavin Finch, Kit Chellel

Brexit’s Big Short

Bloomberg Businessweek







2018 Short listed


Nicholas Glass, Rebecca Wright, Mark Baron, Francesca Church

Thai soccer team rescue



WINNER: Sergio Utsch, Louis Blair

The boy who made a museum

SBT, Brazil


Bohumil Vostal

Zapomenuté protesty (Forgotten protests)

Czech TV (CT24)


Tim de Wit

Grenfell was more than a tragedy

Nieuwsuur NOS TV, Netherlands




FPA Member:  Print/Web Story of the Year

2018 Short listed


Mette Rodgers

Morke skyer over graenselandet (Dark clouds over the borderland)

Weekendavisen, Denmark


WINNER: Michael Streck

Um die Seele der Nation (For the soul of the nation)

Stern Magazine, Germany


Sonia Delesalle-Stolper

Grenfell Tower: une peine qui ne s’efface pas (A pain that doesn’t fade)

Liberation, France







2018 Short listed


Oyvind Nyborg, Johan E. Bull

Bor i telt på Trafalgar Square (Lives in a tent on Trafalgar Square)

Norwegian Broadcasting Company


Katrin Pribyl

Good Friday Agreement: Life behind the walls.

Augsburger Allgemeine, Germany


WINNER: Marco Varvello

Domestic violence in the UK

RAI TV Speciale TG1, Italy




2018 Short listed


Yen Duong Do Bao, Vietnam

Freelance journalist and photographer

1 - From Vietnam without love - the child brides of China

2 - Living in the shadow: Ho Chi Minh City’s high rises

3 - The political apathy of Vietnam’s youth


WINNER: Alisa Kustikova, Russia

Investigative reporter

1 - Copper people

2 - Black album

3 - The Sana Company


Asad Pabani, Pakistan


1 - The curious case of Youhanabad

2 - Billion tree tsunami

3 - Judicial Activism for Judicial Reform

Best Story on Britain (in a Foreign Language)


2018 Short listed


WINNER: Wa Lone, Kyaw Soe Oo

Massacre in Myanmar




Thomson Foundation Young Journalist from the Developing World



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